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Friday, August 26, 2005

Pictures for August 26th

Almost two weeks....

Almost two weeks since I last posted...

We are doing great.
Evelyn is putting a diaper on her stuffed frog. She also loves to nurse her babies.

And Audrey is being as sweet as ever, Learning lots of new words and being very good to her brother.
We are using only cloth diapers. Okay not 100% of the time, But defintely 95%. I usually put a disposable on her at night, and if we go shopping.

And little Nathan, He's in my lap right now. He nursed to sleep and just woke up. He gave me the biggest smile. He's mostly just eating, sleeping, and looking around. He is 1 month, and 10 days old...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Daddy's FAVS

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Going on 5 years!!!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Begining of August Pictures!!!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Today I want to take the girls to the Foutains. They just love going there, and since it's saturday, I figure why not? It's warm enough and they need to get out of the house.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Nathans Birthday...

Nathan Thomas Pitts
b. July 16, 2005
10 lb. 12 oz. 24in long...
I went into labor at exactly 40 weeks (down to the hour)

Heres our sons birth story.......
July 16th 2005
12.30am on July 16th, I was sitting at the computer and I heard this tiny pop, followed by a small, trinkle. I went to the bathroom a few times but couldnt tell if it was leaking urine or fluid... After emptying my bladder and there was still a super small trinkle I waited about 15 min. got a small container and went to the bathroom to catch some. Then I called a girlfriend and she came over with her ph strips and sure enough it was my water....

Around 2.30am I called my midwife, and her and her assistant (also a doula) got there around 3am. I didnt have contractions and I was barely dialated. So she suggested we all try and sleep before the contractions started.

So I slept from 4 to 6am when I woke up to my first contraction... but went back to sleep, and got woken up by a couple more, but at 7am, I got up for good. I was too exited to sleep My Midwife checked me and I was 2cm...

So my friend and I went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and tea. I thought everyone was staring at me as I labored in line at the store.

From 7am until 12pm I walked up and down the street, was in the shower, layed down, sat on the toilet, But at 12pm I was only at 4cm... With both of my girls I was done in 4-6 hours, so we werent counting on this taking so long.

During those 5 hours I had started getting chills, and I had a low grade fever. My midwife treated it with some cool rags, and lots of water, and gave me some antibiotics to fight infection.

The baby wasnt dropping into the birth canal, he was staying so high up, and not putting pressure on the cervix, so my cervix wasnt dilateing.

At about 12.15 my midwife suggested that I push during my contractions. Hoping that I would push him against my cervix, and I could dialate. And It worked. I pushed and after about 5 contractions I had moved him down, and was dialated to 7cm! One bad thing was, that the contractions were worse after this...I spent about 30m sitting on the toilet then went to lay on the bed. Shortly after being on the bed I wanted to go back to sitting on the toilet. But my Midwife wanted to check me. She said I was 9 on one side and 8 on the other, I never heard it put that way though.

So just a few min. later I felt like pushing, So when I started my water broke. It was full of meconium. Turns out that the first little pop was the outer bag of water, and the inner bag hadnt broken. We confirmed that later by examineing the placenta

So I pushed the head out, and he was blue/purple. So the midwife used some contraption to suck the meconium out, by sticking the tiny tube down his nose and mouth. After she did that I started pushing again. But nothing was happening. Since he was purple and my pushing was doing nothing, my midwife stuck her hand up me, to grab his shoulder and after a few tugs and the assistant pushing on my belly did he was finially was born, at 1.36pm.

He didnt start breathing and My midwife started getting the meconium out again, then she started breathing air into his mouth. and she rubbing him hard with a towel. It took a min. or two and he started breathing but his color was bad.

After a few min. Tommy cut the cord and my Midwife took him and held him, patting him on the back. Trying to get his color a little better, He was kinda pink by then but not good enough ya know?

It wasnt until 20 min later that they stopped and I finially got to hold him. He had given me quite a scare.

My friend called a great chiropractor that she knew, and he came to give him an adjustment.
Nathan didn't cry until He got adjusted, and he was a purple/pinkish color until the moment Rob adjusted him, thats when his face turned bright red, and the color moved to his chest, legs, then toes. It was an amazing sight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I want to thank my AMAZING midwife who saved us from a c-section and a NICU hospital visit by catching my 10lb 12oz baby at home(((and she didn't let me tear AT ALL!!!!!!)))

And Thanks to my friend who was a great support during my first "real" NCB. And who gave me 200+ pictures to remember the day with.

And to my doula/midwifes assistant...Thanks for holding my hand thru the most amazing day of my life.

And Thanks to our new chiropractor. Who left a family get-together on a saturday to come and adjust my son, AND who has been an amazing to our family since.....

Pictures of Evelyns Birthday

July 2nd 2005

A little about our kids...

The past few weeks have been busy. I've been to the doctor with Nathan 3x, the chiropractor 3x, and my midwife once. Next week I have an appt with my midwife, an appt for Audrey, the chiropractor and with WIC. 4 in one week...-Sigh-
I love the down time though. Sitting home with the girls, and Nathan. I really cherish the quiet when things are so chaotic.
  • Evelyn. My oldest, just had her 3rd birthday. I can't believe she is three. It makes me feel so much older than 23. She isnt starting preschool this year, I want to put that off until she is 4. Once she starts school there wont be any going back. I'd like to let her enjoy being a SAH kid. (Stay at Home Kid) while it lasts.----- She is doing very well with her speech therapy. Just a few weeks ago she wasnt as articulated as she is now, everyday she learns new words, and makes full sentances. Its like the therapy has opened a door inside her brain, and the info is passing thru much easier.----- She is adjusting well to a new baby brother. And she is very helpful, she always wants to be apart of anything concerning him.
  • Audrey. She will be 2 this Oct. This is my crazy child. She has no fear, climbs on everything. She's loud, and will let you know immediately if she is upset. And she is so beautiful and I am so happy to have her in my life. ----- She didn't adjust so well at first, to Nathan's arrival. I could see it upset her to have to share mommy with yet another person. Sometimes I'm sad knowing that Audrey will never of gotten time and attention just for her. Evelyn had that for 15m. Audrey will have to share her entire life. As long as she knows and feels that we love her. ----- She is also very healthy, and super smart.
  • Nathan. Our third baby. He is just 2 and a half weeks old. Being a mother to 3 certainly has been quite a task. Busy, busy,busy! But I love it. ----- Nathan was 10lb 12oz when he was born. He was born at home with a midwife. Having him at home was so much better than having him at the hospital. Two totally different experiences. Nathan doesnt do much other than sleep and eat. He doesnt like to go to bed for the night. He prefers to spent about 3 hours up, and alert and then fight when I try to nurse him to sleep. He'll grow out of it soon. ----- He is nursing good. He started right away, and hasn't stopped since. Some nights He goes 5 hours without waking up. He's a good sound sleep once he's out.----- He still has blue eyes. Sometimes they look really light. Sometimes they look like they may change, it's still so early. He is so gorgeous!

Tommy and I are doing pretty good. We have some beautiful children and such a great family. Thank you everyone for your love and support. We love you all!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005